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I have a busy schedule and I can’t wait 5 days for my garage to be completed, is there any way to schedule it for a quicker time?

Great news!  Epoxy Colorado and our product can be installed and completed within a single day.  With our One Day Installation we are the best option for homeowners and business owners who have a time schedule.

Do temperatures affect the epoxy floor coating and the one day installation? It’s been extremely hot lately!

While extremely low temps (30 degrees and lower) do affect the cure times the 90+ degree weather isn’t an issue.  Epoxy Colorado can install all year round.

Is the product safe for my children and pets?

Epoxy Colorado ensures there is proper ventilation in all applications and you can rest assured knowing that the coating is low VOC which is environmentally friendly and safe for pets and children to play on.  The slight smell will dissipate within a few quick hours.

I don’t want my garage floor to look like my neighbor’s. Do you offer different styles and colors?

We offer over 200 styles to choose from so we’re sure you find something you’ll love that stands apart from your neighbor’s garage.

The floor in my commercial garage gets beat up by heavy equipment and lots of activity. I cannot afford to invest in a floor that will be torn up in a week or two. Is your flooring system able to handle a rough environment like my commercial shop?

Epoxy Colorado uses a proprietary epoxy which is chemically formulated to create a bond with the surface and is rated at 4,000 PSI.  Most concrete is rated at 3,500 PSI.  You do the math!

We have motorcycles and ride them often. The old floor we got from the hardware store obviously doesn’t work for us as the tires have peeled off paint. Do we need to be prepared to use mats to protect the surface?

The peeling that you’re experiencing is due to a chemical bond between your tires and other products when a vehicle is moved – this causes what we call “peel and stick”.  Our epoxy concrete product will not stick to your tires and it’s also abrasion resistant meaning it won’t scratch easily.

I need a non-slip application. Can your product create a non-slip surface?

Absolutely!  All of our applications have an anti-slip property to them and we can increase the non-slip factor to meet your needs.

We have a restaurant with a floor that needs to be replaced soon. The requirements of the new floor are: durable, easy to clean up after spills, waterproof for the kitchen, handle a lot of human traffic, and must look nice to please our customers.

We have the perfect solution for you.  Epoxy Colorado will install a floor that’s extremely durable with a 15 Year Warranty (in most commercial applications) and is quick and easy to clean up.  The floor is completely sealed and waterproof so you don’t have to worry about the kitchen.  The flooring is resistant to abrasion and can handle as much traffic as you can in your business.  The look of the floor is up to you and we can create an amazing floor that you’ll be happy with.  It’s tough and easy to maintain and we know that business owners have other things on their mind than maintaining the floor in their restaurant.  Let us take care of it for you, you’ll love it!

What’s the difference between Epoxy Colorado and Seal Colorado, Inc?

Epoxy Colorado is owned by Seal Colorado, Inc and EpoxyColorado.com is a separate division strictly dedicated to helping homeowners/business owners protect their homes and business flooring, garages, patios, and commercial flooring.  Seal Colorado, Inc also helps protect concrete with our concrete waterproofing services for residential, commercial, and government buildings. We use the highly sought after SealRx product that protects and seals wood, concrete, and masonry.